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Please find below my latest additions to the links on the Knowledge page for your enjoyment. We have five great podcasts and a Ted X talk to keep you busy and your mind stimulated!


#1 The Tim Ferriss Show podcast 193 on metformin, rapamycin and longevity supplements.

Tim Ferriss has a humorous conversation with Peter Attia MD, David M. Sabatini, M.D., Ph.D. and Navdeep S. Chandel, Ph.D., on the current science and evidence for taking metformin, rapamycin, and supplements for longevity.


#2 Making Sense podcast 162 on the medical model and its problems.

Eric Topol, MD, is a world-renowned cardiologist, Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research, the founder of a new medical school and one of the top ten most cited medical researchers.

A very interesting conversation about soaring medical costs and declining health outcomes in the U.S., the problems of too little and too much medicine, the culture of medicine, the travesty of electronic health records, the current status of AI in medicine, the promise of further breakthroughs, possible downsides of relying on AI in medicine, and other topics.


#3 The Red Pill Initiation Hour podcast 18 on vegan vs eating meat.

Chris Storey speaks with Dominic Rapson as they take a critical look at the trend of veganism in the health and wellness industry. Find this one on your favourite podcast app. If you are vegan, prepare to be triggered!


#4 The Lifestylist podcast 2 on diet, humans and farming, vegan vs eating meat.

What happened when we started farming? What happened when we started living in unnatural homes cut off from the earth’s natural ecology, and from our true wild nature? An honest look into our current human diets, and comparing that to the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Also some very thought-provoking ideas on the ever-raging battle of vegan vs. paleo eating habits.

Daniel Vitalis is a writer, podcaster, public speaker and lifestyle pioneer in the sphere of human health, personal development and strategic living.


#5 The Joe Rogan Experience podcast 1344 on survival circuits and their impact on our emotions.

Joseph Ledoux is a neuroscientist whose research is primarily focused on survival circuits, including their impacts on emotions such as fear and anxiety. This podcast will get you questioning your own emotional triggers and their impact on your life.


#6 Ted X talk with Johann Hari: This could be why you are depressed or anxious.

Johann Hari is a writer and journalist. He has written for a number of publications including The Independent (London) and The Huffington Post and has written books on the topic of the war on drugs, the monarchy, and depression.

This interesting Ted Talk will make you rethink what you know about the scourges of the modern world, anxiety and depression. Well worth your time!


I am keen to know your thoughts. I hope you find these resources as interesting as I did!

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