It’s all about you


Take an hour to focus on you and your fitness goals

Personal training is a private, one-on-one physical coaching session including the warmup, main training and assisted stretching/muscle release at the end.

Each session is 60 minutes and focused on your specific goals, challenging not only the body but the mind as well.

Online training and coaching options are also available.

There are a few reasons to choose personal training in Zurich.
Which ones are yours?

A Beginner
Seeking Guidance

You are new to fitness training and would like to be taught the correct techniques right from the very start, in order to maximise the efficiency of your progress and avoid injuries.

Needing Help
With Motivation

You would like to know that you have an appointment where a trainer is waiting for you with a plan for your session, and is willing to push you through it effectively.

Pushing to the
Next Level

You are not a beginner but feel that your training has stagnated, your results have plateaued or you have hit a mental wall. It’s time to learn new techniques and break through to the next level, physically and mentally.


Similar to the above, except you are serious about your chosen sport and wish to improve your performance, gaining that edge over your competition.

Managing and Improving
Medical Conditions

You have a condition such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic back pain, a recurring injury, depression, or poor body image, just to name a few. You are looking for an experienced and skilled coach to help you and improve your quality of life.


You have recently been in a car accident, fallen on the ski slopes or received a training injury, perhaps receiving physiotherapy as well. You are now ready to get back to where you were before your injury by regaining your former strength and mobility.

reach your potential

I am able to show you the path to your fitness goals by teaching you the right way to exercise specifically for you, no matter your age, weight or training experience. Your progress towards your goals is monitored, with an emphasis on results.



Strength. Clarity. Purpose.