Fitness & personal development solutions
for individuals, groups and companies

Personal training

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Pairs training with two people at once

A semi-private training/coaching session, focusing on your mutual goals for 60 minutes. A great way to train with your partner or friend while splitting the cost of the session.

Small group training with 3-4 people

Organise a group of friends or co-workers for a 60-minute class which is custom designed to your wants and needs. Halfway between personal training and a group class.

Larger Group Classes

Organise a larger group for a 60-minute class with a diverse offering: TRX, punching and/or kicking, boot camp, circuit, HIIT or request a custom class.

Health and lifestyle consultations

A sit-down, in-depth discussion on your exercise history, current exercise program, medical considerations, current lifestyle, diet and your goals. Time is taken to ensure that all points are covered so as to design your optimal, personal, holistic plan. Can be had on its own, or included with a training package.

Nature and hiking excursions

Reconnect to nature and reap the health benefits while immersing yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. Focus on fitness or learn about the local flora and fauna, specific to the season.

Corporate health and wellness

Develop a health and wellness initiative for your workplace with health assessments, seminars, events, classes or personal training. Assign KPIs to be improved and monitor their progress. Building a fitness area in your workplace? Advice is available for the optimal set-up whilst remaining within your budget.

Optimise your potential

Ask for your complimentary training session

Prices vary depending on the service and are available upon request. Discounts are available for students and pensioners.

Packages of 10, 20 or more sessions are available, with discounts given for volume purchases.

Free training is available for those with special circumstances and this is assessed on an individual basis.

A free, no obligation chat and/or training session is available for all to see whether you like the training and the trainer!