What people say


  • From the first PT lesson I felt very comfortable and at ease with Lucien. He listens to your needs and then plans a workout schedule based on your desired outcomes. It is always a pleasure to train with Lucien, not only because he is genuinely friendly and an expert in his field, focusing foremost on form, but in addition he offers advice on any subject that you may want to know more about, whether that be in training methods and techniques, nutrition or overall self-development. If you experience any tightness or pain, he takes the time help eliminate these pains with assisting in stretching and muscle pain exercises. I have grown to like Lucien not only as a trainer that focuses his sole attention onto his client for the one-hour window but also as a friend. We have great conversations and I leave each session having learned something new. There is never a dull moment! A great plus is that we have many laughs and it makes the lessons fly by.

  • Lucien has a special talent to make you work hard without you really noticing. He makes intensive workout fun, with changing exercise patterns. As a result, it never becomes a routine. I also appreciate his constant attention to special needs, so you know you will not hurt yourself. The real kick-ass training I needed, which gives me a lot of energy.

  • I have been boxing with Lucien for the past two years and it’s been one of the best personal training experiences I have had. He has a very personable approach, motivates and makes every session great fun. I can clearly see continual improvement and enjoy pushing myself to the next level.

  • It was only when I finished three times as many exercises and presses that I normally did, that I realized how powerful a personal trainer could be. Lucien is a gentle giant who brings a depth of knowledge about the ligaments to make the process of weight training and body sculpting easy and enjoyable. I worked with him over a year and left each time pumped with energy ready to take on life. I highly recommend you at least try a couple sessions with him to know what you’re truly capable of.

  • I trained with Lucien for a little under a year. He was very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. He catered the workouts toward improving my weaker areas while also being aware of prior injuries so as not to aggravate them. Additionally, the kick boxing lessons were extremely fun! Highly recommend! 

  • I started training with Lucien shortly after giving birth to my first child, and Lucien started the training quite gently, taking recovery into consideration, but the results were immediate! A few months on from that and I am back into my skinny jeans and I feel so more energetic and stronger than ever before. And the sessions with Lucien, aside from being demanding, are also a lot of fun!

  • I am so lucky that I've found a place and a trainer where I can feel a 100% comfortable, because I was never good at sports and always felt really insecure about it. Everyone can do sports and if it’s with the right trainer, it’s so much fun and so worth the pain.

  • I like training with Lucien a lot. Not only does he possess all of the skills in the fields of classic fitness training and martial arts, he is also very exact and sets a high value on execution. I've been working out with him for more than a year now, I couldn't be happier. He's also a very good companion and we tend to laugh a lot together which makes things easier as well.

  • I have trained with Lucien over 7 years in 4 different gyms and can honestly say that he has had a huge positive impact on my fitness, overall health and general wellbeing. Lucien listens carefully to your needs, develops a tailor made plan and works one on one to get the best out of you - regardless of your fitness level. His knowledge is the best I’ve experienced in almost 30 years of training and he has helped me get more from my workout than I’ve ever been able to achieve in the past. He also makes workouts fun and gives lots of health tips to improve your life, including meditation, diet and living life to the fullest! I cannot recommend him highly enough as a personal trainer - He is quite simply the best. Sign up today, it’s the best investment you’ll ever make!

  • Lucien looks at the whole package - yes, he’s a great personal trainer who tailors to your needs and capabilities but he’s never short on nutrition, lifestyle and health advice to make your fitness program work for you beyond the gym. Mixed in with good humor, some light life philosophy and some tough love as needed!

  • When a personal trainer helps you to keep your body in shape, is mindful of where you are and where you could and should go in terms of endurance, teaches you new and useful techniques/exercises and is a pleasant person to work with, I think we can define that as a good personal trainer. Lucien combines it all. He comes highly recommended.

  • I’ve been working with Lucien for over six months and highly recommend training with him! Workouts are varied, tailor-made, challenging and - above all – fun. I have seen huge improvements to my strength and fitness since I started. Lucien’s also a great guy and a pleasure to work with - I look forward to my sessions every week!

  • Training with Lucien is so much fun and really entertaining. He supports you to achieve your best performance while working out.